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Cash Flow is one of the most important aspects of any business. Invoice Financing can help keep your cash flow strong and protect your business.

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Whether you’re new to business or have been around the block, you’ve probably noticed that customers are often slow to pay and cash is sometimes not as abundant as you would like. Factoring, or Invoice Finance, can deal with both these challenges and offers a smart tool for maximizing the flexibility of your business.
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Worcaps are experts in cashflow solutions for small, medium and large businesses.
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Staying on top of your supply chain and invoicing

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Take control of your cash flow with invoice finance, and don’t wait for a customer to pay their invoice before you grow. 

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Why Introducers choose us to help raise business finance for their clients.

Invoice finance means that your clients are invoiced as normal under agreed standard terms yet you have access to those funds once invoicing has happened. In simple terms, you’re paid straight away, while Worcaps is paid in 30 – 90 days time. There’s no catch, clearly explained, competitive fees with the added benefit of less administrative work leaving you more time to get on with your main business task.

These days, factoring is one of the best ways in which businesses can avoid the problems associated with negative cashflow. Forget the constant phone calls and email to your client’s accounts team and forget payments that are eventually made on 60 days or beyond.

Invoice financing through a Factor is the way forward for a modern business that’s looking to establish itself, develop or move forward on to the next level.

Based in Puerto Rico, Worcaps is a well-respected business finance company that offers an array of finance solutions to fit your business from longer term business growth loans right through to flexible short-term arrangements to spread the cost of Self Assessment liabilities or Tax.

If now’s the time for your business to start thinking about the next stage, then now’s the time to start talking to us at Worcaps.

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At Worcaps we specialize in helping businesses overcome these issues, enabling them to get on with what they do best, leaving cash flow to the professionals and the administration that surrounds it, to us.

The problem with modern day businesses is you often become reliant on the flow of cash from certain, regular clients. You use it to fund the business, pay the staff and keep the supply chain working properly. You only need a slight interruption to the supply chain, such as a client not paying on time and suddenly the ‘knock on’ effect can be massive, especially if you don’t have significant cash in reserve. We can source invoice finance plans to suit your business.

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Plan for tomorrow

You may have a great cash flow position today but it’s difficult to be certain about tomorrow. The fact is that many reasons for cash flow issues are outside an individual business’s control. These include customers failing to make payments; banks changing your security rating or assessing an industry as more risky; and sudden or unexpected bills like tax.

If something happens that could impact your cash position, you’re going to need to move fast to protect your business. You could consider setting up a standby invoice finance facility with Worcaps to protect your business from unexpected setbacks.

A standby facility is free to set up and you don’t pay unless you access the funds. Having a standby facility means that you can access lending in the fastest possible time because you’ve already completed all the paperwork. So you can rest easy in the knowledge that you can react quickly to unexpected cash flow setbacks, and keep your business operating while you plan your long-term strategy.

Invoice finance is a flexible short term funding tool that can give you fast access to cash when your business needs it. With invoice finance in your toolkit, you’re free to take control of your cash flow, and you don’t have to wait for a customer to pay their invoice before you take your business to the next level. Even if you don’t have an immediate need, you may benefit from setting up a standby facility to prepare your business for unexpected cash flow problems.


Who can benefit from invoice finance?

Invoice finance can work for any business that invoices its customers. It’s particularly effective in situations where a business needs fast access to cash for a short period of time, especially if you don’t want to impact existing finance arrangements.

Here are some situations where invoice finance can really help:

  • Managing day to day costs if your business finds itself short of cash.
  • Dealing with frozen or reduced funding from the bank – invoice finance could give you time to find a long term solution without experiencing a cash flow crisis.
  • Dealing with a change to your security rating from an existing finance provider.
  • Seizing a growth opportunity when you don’t have the cash to make it happen.
  • Bridging the gap between delivering goods and receiving payment: this can be especially important in industries like labor hire if you have to manage weekly pay cycles.
  • Funding an internal project or opportunity.
  • Dealing with cash flow fluctuations in a seasonal business.
  • Providing funding if traditional lending facilities can’t help.
maximize the flexibility of your business

Cash in on the benefits of invoice finance

Those who haven’t used factoring or invoice finance are often unclear about what it is. But those who have benefited from it rarely miss a chance to praise both its flexibility and its practical applications. Invoice finance is a great tool to have in your financial toolbox. Here’s some detail on how it works and how you can use it.
Fast access to cash can be achieved with invoice finance when your business needs it. Taking control of cash flow is easy with invoice finance, and you don’t have to wait for customers to pay before you take your business forward.  If you don’t have an immediate need, set up a standby facility to be prepared for unforeseen cash flow problems.

How invoice finance works

  1. You invoice your customers when you have delivered a product or service. Your customer then has a number of days to pay the invoice but your business needs the cash straight away. What do you do? Use Invoice Finance.
  2. With invoice finance you sell your unpaid invoice to a finance company, like Worcaps. The finance company then advances you a percentage of the invoice value – usually between 80 and 90%. When the invoice is due to be paid, your customer pays the finance company directly and they deduct their fee and then pay you the remainder of your balance.
  3. Depending on the finance company, you can choose to finance a single invoice or a group of invoices. This flexibility is great to allow you to match your finance to your needs exactly, ensuring you can finance your opportunities while avoiding the cost of unnecessary debt.

What are the benefits of invoice finance?

  • Invoice finance is quick to set up and deliver.
  • You are effectively borrowing money you’ve already earned, so you know when your customer pays their invoice your debt is cleared.
  • Because the debtor works as security, the amount you borrow can be more flexible. You can choose to finance single or multiple invoices depending on your business needs.
  • Your finance agreement only lasts until your customer pays your invoice.
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Purchase Order Financing

Maintain customer relationships, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Receive cash advances for purchase orders through purchase order financing.

Worcaps will pay your supplier up to 100% of the cost of producing and delivering the goods to your customer. When your customer receives the goods, you will invoice them for the fulfilled order and they will pay Worcaps directly.

  • Purchase order financing provides immediate cash flow to businesses to fulfill customer orders.
  • It’s a flexible funding option available to businesses of all sizes and financial standings.
  • Helps businesses maintain customer relationships by fulfilling orders on time.
  • Lower risk than traditional loans as it’s based on a specific purchase order or contract.
  • Enables businesses to take on larger orders, leading to increased sales and growth opportunities.
Flexible funding option

Cash in on the benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing (PO financing) is a funding solution that provides businesses with the capital they need to fulfill customer orders. It’s a type of short-term financing that helps businesses cover the cost of manufacturing or purchasing goods to fulfill an order, without having to wait for payment from their customers.
PO financing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes as it provides a flexible funding option that can help take advantage of growth opportunities, maintain customer relationships, and improve their cash flow. In this era of growing competition, PO financing has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to fulfill orders and expand their operations.

Why choose Worcaps’ Cash Flow solution?

Invoice factoring has been revolutionized with our digital onboarding process:

  • Instant access to money through your receivables
  • Digital onboarding (Digital agreements and signatures)
  • Client Trust Account
  • Funds released within 24 hours from approval
  • No uncleared effects
  • Simple pricing
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Quick takeaways if you’re in a hurry

  • If you invoice your customers you could be using invoice finance.
  • Invoice finance is flexible to a wide range of needs and situations, and can be adapted for both small and large cash flow requirements.
  • Keep debtors out of any security agreements for existing finance arrangements and you should be able to boost your cash flow with invoice financing.

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